Drum Circle

  • WHAT:  UUFF’s Drum Circle and Raw-Mazing Collective
  • WHERE: RSVP for directions to the May special location
  • WHEN: Second Friday of each month at 5:30 (meet) 6:00 (eat) 6:30 (beat)
  • COORDINATOR: Dan Kowal sanmardan@yahoo.com  or 828-369-8658

Drum Circle Women

UUFF’s Drum Circle and
Raw-Mazing Collective

By:Tamera Nielsen

Such a treat for all of us this past Friday at UUFF’s monthly Drum Circle and Raw-Mazing collective! We indulged in positively mouth-watering, tummy-happy, heart-healthy treats. Then, we thumped and boomed, tapped and rattled, moved and grooved until well past sunset.

We were gifted by scrumptious sustenance with which to stuff ourselves. After all, the word from those in the know is that one can eat more raw food than cooked food. Say what?

Dinner highlights included tasty Gazpacho served with homemade croutons by Virginia Wilson. An outstanding bread-like treat from Paul Chew was quite the hit, and Nila Hulvey’s colorful, violet-speckled salad filled us with spring fever! This ample Spring Feast was made complete by a visit from Chef, Merv Readman of Bryson City’s Cork and Bean.

Merv showed up with raw ingredients, a delightfully warm personality, and a take charge attitude of UU’s kitchen. He walked right in, set up shop in the kitchen, and within minutes presented us with romaine lettuce boats filled with exceptionally-tasty raw food stuffs, such as sun dried tomato paste, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, cherry tomatoes, other goodies, all topped with this yummy sauce.

He read about our group in Smoky Mountain News and Smoky Mountain Times, and we are all glad he did! His energy and knowledge poured from the kitchen into the drumming portion of the evening. Between Merv wedging a rattle in his tennis shoe and Nancy running a one-person band, the levity and music lifted us all!

Multi-instrumentalist and first-time drum circle/raw-mazing attendee, Carla Woodmansee moved and grooved with just about every drum and noise-maker in the house. Of course, we were thrilled every time she picked up her clarinet, adding a full-bodied resonance to the percussion party.

We shared laughs, stories, lively moments and of course drums and other such musical toys.

Great gathering. Great night. Wonderful camaraderie.

Whether or not you like raw food or drumming, you’ll enjoy next month’s Drum Circle and Raw-Mazing Collective. Everybody loves warm, welcoming, smiling people. See you next time… Friday, May 9th at 5:30! Please RSVP, because we have a special location for May.​

Until we meet again, remember… Always follow the beat in your own heart.

Drum circle three

Drum Circle Couple