Fellowship House Fall Clean-up

There is a bunch of stuff in our Fellowship House, some of which has been there for years.  It is time for a fall house cleaning.  We are going through the building and identifying stuff in three categories: 1. Save, 2. Someone may want to save, and 3. Re-locate to a better home.

Floor Fans Needed: Our Fellowship House project is in need of floor fans to temporarily circulate air. If you have one you can lend us for a couple of weeks, we would very much appreciate it. Please contact Donn (SandiDonn@gmail.com) or Paul (coweeta@gmail.com).

If there are things in the building you think you might be interested in, or if you want to help in sorting thing out, please contact  Donn: SandiDonn@gmail.com or 828 524-3691.