We aim to have an open and transparent system of governance that promotes health and vitality in congregational life.

We are part of the congregational tradition, and govern ourselves by congregational polity. This means that most of the authority here ultimately rests with members of the Fellowship. The congregation has the power and the responsibility to elect its leaders and to approve the annual budget. Our annual meeting is held annually in June as a worship service.

The work of governance rests primarily with the Board of Trustees, elected at the Fellowship’s annual meeting. The Board meets monthly and is responsible for developing policies and procedures that serve and advance the mission. Leadership authority is shared between the Board and the committee chairs, with the Board focusing on policy and the committees doing much of the day to day work.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected at the annual meeting, and is responsible for making policy decisions and overseeing the work of church committees. The Board consists of church members who are elected for three-year terms. The Board is responsible for the operation, long range planning, review of the budget that is compiled by the Finance Committee and the Treasurer, approval of the financial records, and annual approval of regular standing and special committees. The Board meetings are posted on the calendar and are hybrid. Visitors are always welcome.

Committee of Chairs

The chairs of committees are appointed by the Board for each Fellowship year beginning in July. The Vice-President convenes a monthly meeting of the chairs for coordinate activities. The meetings are posted in the calendar.



Our church bylaws articulate how we govern and run the Fellowship. The current bylaws were most recently amended in September, 2017.

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