The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is currently reviewing our Principles, Purposes, and Sources. Our Bylaws require this process every 15 years. This page includes links to a variety of resources to support our discussions in advance of the vote at our Annual Meeting on June 11th and at the UUA General Assembly later in June.

How the UUA’s Principles and Purposes were shaped and how they’ve shaped Unitarian Universalism

UU Principles Adopted at Merger in 1961

Failed Proposed Revision in 2009

Article II Study Commission page with the full report

UU World Discussion article for March 2023

Image of the proposed values

Our current principles:

An 8th Principle has been proposed and adopted by some congregations, though not by the UUA at large. The leader of this initiative is on the Article II Commission and much of the intent and language is incorporated into the proposed Article II.