1st Sunday – Celebration Hall & Zoom — 9:30-10:30am 

We come together each month in-person and on zoom to discuss topics which make us think about our own spirituality, share thoughts, expand understanding, get to know each other and building community. All comments are welcomed and respected. We look forward to seeing you.

Fully vaccinated people are welcome to join us in-person at the fellowship. Our gathering in-person will not require masks to be worn, but we will don masks should any participant want this added protection.

Following your GPS will bring you to the fellowship in-person. All are welcome.
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April 02 topic

John Ritchie spoke at our Sunday service some time ago and will be back to lead us in a discussion on “Conscious Aging and Senior Discussion/Support Groups”. Questions will be provided, related to senior-living models to address aging concerns; shifts in middle-age to senior-age interests, values, and needs; internal practices to enhance awareness and connections; similar “natural aging” processes and “universal spiritual” practices; utilizing senior aging “negative” experiences to open our minds and hearts; and promoting Senior Discussion/Support Groups.  Other questions and related topics from participants for discussion will be encouraged.

Past Topics

2023_03_05: From an early age we are told to maintain good health we need to: eat right, exercise and get a good night’s sleep.  Later we learn that things like smoking, drugs and alcohol are detrimental to our health.  We heed these lessons to varying degrees.  At some point our bodies fail and we seek medical treatment.  If we receive treatment and are told to stop smoking now, but we do not heed that advice and continue to smoke, should society shoulder the costs of follow up treatment?

Where do the limits of personal responsibility and social responsibility meet?

2023_02_05: Wabi-Sabi – Beauty without Perfection

In this world of fashion magazines, fine dining, perfect smiles, exciting vacation opportunities, we get caught up in a belief that all things need to be perfect or they are flawed, inadequate, need to be fixed.

It is an easy perspective to fall into, yet how much we cherish that child’s stick drawing, that chipped coffee cup dad used long ago, old black & white photos of our parents’ wedding, the six toed cat.

2023_10_01: Think of a time when you felt like you belonged. Whether it was recently or long ago, as part of a small group or as part of a large system, or anything else. Bring the feeling and that moment to mind and write a bit about it. Be as specific about the details as you can. What did it sound like? What did it smell like? Name your feelings in those moments. (5 min).

Continue your remembering. What happened or was happening that led to your feelings? Were there people there who said or did something that helped you know you belonged? See if you can name the specific actions/environmental elements/words that contributed to that sense of belonging. (4 min).

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