Speaker: Elisa S. Keeler

Elisa S. Keeler is an Interfaith Minister from Ithaca NY. She is a retreat leader, sacred ceremony officiant, composer, singer and song leader. Elisa is also an Inayati in the Sufi Order. Since 2011 she has taught The Hidden Treasure Program, a three-year course in healing and personal growth that meets five weekends per year at Light on the Hill Retreat Center in Van Etten NY. She is the founder of Freeing Your Voice, which is a weekend retreat and an online singing class for adults.

As a performing musician and recording artist, Elisa has three albums of music that can be found on bandcamp. To learn more, sign up for Elisa’s newsletter on her website: https://www.elisamusic.com

Breaking Through Resistance

Why do we resist what we most long for? With awareness, insight and practice we learn to move through resistance with grace. 

Elisa’s sermon and songs invite us to become aware of inner obstacles and to say “yes” to growth opportunities that enhance joy, connection and … read more.