Topic: Spiritual Growth

Religion, Spirituality, and the Non-Binary Brain

The two halves of our brain can function independently or collaboratively. Organized religions is a product of left-brain thinking–verbal, calculating, planning, orderliness.  Spiritually finds its home in the right brain in creativity, art, music, poetry, and direct experience of awe, mystery, and wonder.  How do … read more.

Breaking Through Resistance

Why do we resist what we most long for? With awareness, insight and practice we learn to move through resistance with grace. 

Elisa’s sermon and songs invite us to become aware of inner obstacles and to say “yes” to growth opportunities that enhance joy, connection and … read more.

Growing a Whole Life Practice

Religion need not be just something that one believes but something that one does. And, that something grows and changes as we grow in our lives.  Think of this as an good adjunct to the “Building Your Own Theology” study course created by the UUA.  

Can You Say God?

Rev. Jane will revisit Unitarian Universalism’s attempt to reclaim some religious language in light of her recent month long sabbatical in London.

Diversity: The Beauty of the Spectrums

Join us as we celebrate diversity and welcome Karen as she shares her journey to discover the special gifts, challenges, and advocacy for her siblings along the spectrums of autism, gender identity, color, and varying abilities.