Speaker: UUFF Community

As a lay-led congregation since 1972, some of our services are created and presented by our members and friends.

Flower Celebration & Green Sanctuary

Join us for our annual Flower Celebration, a unique Unitarian Universalist service with some special elements created by the UUA. Rev. Norbert Čapek created this ceremony in 1923 in Prague as a way to bring the beauty of the natural world into the church. Since … read more.

Poetry Month Celebration

April is National Poetry Month. Join our Fellowship Community as we celebrate national by sharing some of our favorite poems, including Unitarian Universalist poets.

Christmas Eve: Joy to the World

This Sunday, the Fellowship will enjoy a celebration of the Christmas & Yule Season. Come join us to sing some songs and listen to some favorite stories for observance of the season.

Las Posadas

Join us as we learn about Las Posadas, a religious festival celebrated in Mexico and some parts of the United States. The word “posada” means inn or lodging, and traditionally posadas are a celebration of the Christmas story. They take place on nine nights from … read more.

Homecoming: Water Ceremony

Join us for our homecoming service where we will join each other for the beginning of a new Fellowship year. Everyone is invited to bring some water with special meaning to share — in person and on Zoom. The combined water is symbolic of our … read more.