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Rev. Jane Page visits on Easter Sunday with a personal message in which she reclaims the Resurrection story as an important metaphor for humanists and others who may avoid this source of inspiration. 

The Gaza-Israel War: What Jews Believe

Billy Jonas, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator, will present a Jewish perspective on the current situation in the Middle East, and present three songs on the subject.

The Curious Courtship of the Nerd and the Wallflower

A somewhat light-hearted version of how we came to be the Unitarian Universalists, the only faith tradition named for two wonderfully believable Christian heresies. A time to celebrate what we were, are, and are becoming as an inclusive and welcoming community.

Music and the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is one of the most important chapters in American History. This engaging, interactive concert of songs, stories and narratives about slavery and the quest for freedom reveals the hope, power and eventually, the triumph that was accomplished by shared by a network … read more.

Winner Take All — Why?

Whatever happened to the concept of “United we stand, divided we fall?” Or to “All for one, and one for all?” We rarely hear these words spoken anymore. We need to figure out ways to bridge the great divide between Them and Us.

Sweet Mystery of Life

Every day people spend sixteen or so hours working, playing, eating, reading, operating computers of all types, and doing what needs to be done.  People sleep – usually at night —  for approximately eight hours, although some sleep much less and a few sleep more. The transition … read more.