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Religion, Spirituality, and the Non-Binary Brain

The two halves of our brain can function independently or collaboratively. Organized religions is a product of left-brain thinking–verbal, calculating, planning, orderliness.  Spiritually finds its home in the right brain in creativity, art, music, poetry, and direct experience of awe, mystery, and wonder.  How do … read more.

Who Are the Aliens Among Us? 

They are not little green persons. They are individuals from all over the world who come to our country seeking peace, freedom of speech and economic opportunity. Aliens, you say? Until recently their residency documents described them as “registered aliens.” Lacking documents, they are called … read more.

Breaking Through Resistance

Why do we resist what we most long for? With awareness, insight and practice we learn to move through resistance with grace. 

Elisa’s sermon and songs invite us to become aware of inner obstacles and to say “yes” to growth opportunities that enhance joy, connection and … read more.

Getting Beyond Kumbaya

A meditation in songs and stories on the work of building communities, the perils of living within them, and the deep importance of maintaining them.

Zoe will also be at the Fellowship for The Listening Room concert at 2:30 pm.

Homecoming: Water Ceremony

Join us for our homecoming service where we will join each other for the beginning of a new Fellowship year. Everyone is invited to bring some water with special meaning to share — in person and on Zoom. The combined water is symbolic of our … read more.

Deeper Than The Skin

Deeper Than The Skin is a musical presentation on Race in America presented by internationally touring performers, Reggie Harris, and Greg Greenway. Two friends…one Black, one White…born 3 days apart into completely different narratives, use the power of story and song to move us from … read more.

Braiding Sweetgrass

At the suggestion of Sandi and Donn Erickson, our Fellowship book discussion group read and were captivated by Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Individually and collectively we were enriched by the author’s deep knowledge of … read more.